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Reconstruction of the desulphurisation equipment in Unipetrol

Client: UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o.
Project duration: 30 months
Completion: 12/2019
Reconstruction and modification of the existing desulphurisation equipment of the K13 through K20 boilers on the premises of the refinery in Litvínov. The simultaneous desulphurisation method consisting in controlled injecting of dry powder sorbent into the existing semi-dry desulphurization absorber was selected. It reduces SO2 emissions below 130 mg/Nm3, which is an emission limit in force from 2020. The project also included the construction of a new reagent storage silo having the capacity of 800 m3, installation of two compressors and two independent lines for the controlled reagent injection, replacement of circuit breakers, and extension of the existing control system.

Náchod district heating system optimization – the source in the heat supply main

Client: innogy Energetika Plhov – Náchod, s.r.o.
Project duration: 13 months
Completion: 12/2019
Under the contract concerning a source in the combined heat and power plant in Náchod, the K9 gas boiler with an output 16t/h including accessories and the periphery equipment of two combined heat and power generating units were delivered and installed, the stack was adapted for the gas boiler and the combined units, accumulation vessels and a steam exchanger station with an output 9.3 MW were installed and everything was connected to the existing equipment. A component part of the contract was the wiring and electrical equipment including measurement and control and software for the power supply and control of the new technology.

Construction of a refining line hall in Třinecké železárny steel works

Client: Třinecké železárny, a.s.
Project duration: 6 months
Completion: 10/2019
The construction project of a new production hall for a refining line in Třinecké železárny included a steel structure having the dimensions 80 x 22 x 15 meters, dismantling of the existing and installation of a new pipe bridge almost 100 meters long, cladding including vacuum drainage and sewage, a crane tract, wiring and heating.

Installation of an electrode boiler in the Červený mlýn Plant

Client: Teplárny Brno, a.s.
Project duration: 12 months
Completion: 10/2018
The project included the construction of a new boiler house, installation of an electrode boiler with an output of 20 MWt produced by Parat Halvorsen AS, Norway, and installation of a new hot water pipe connection to the existing hot water accumulation circuit on the premises on Červený mlýn - Teplárny Brno, a.s. The work also included the construction of a reinforced concrete transformer vault adjacent to the boiler house and installation of an isolation transformer with a nominal output of 20 MVA. The new equipment makes it possible to use excessive electric power in the electrification system for the generation of heat which is subsequently stored in accumulation tanks in the form of hot water for later use. Moreover, the electrode boiler can be used as a backup source of hot water increasing the reliability of heat deliveries to the district heating system of Brno.

Heat Accumulation in the Červený Mlýn Plant

Client: Teplárny Brno, a.s.
Project duration: 6 months
Completion: 02/2018
This project concerned the conversion of an existing and unused light fuel oil tank with the total volume of 4815 m3 to a heat accumulation tank in the Červený Mlýn combined heat and power plant in Brno. To minimize turbulence of water when filling the accumulator, fixed lower and movable upper anti-turbulence built-in systems were installed inside the tank. A new anticorrosive tank protection system was also implemented above the water surface in the form of a steam cushion. Thanks to the conversion the accumulation capacity of the source was increased, which significantly enhanced the thermal efficiency of the entire system.

Filtering Unit for a Slag Grinding Room

Client: Třinecké železárny, a.s.
Project duration: 12 months
Completion: 06/2018
The project was aimed at constructing a new filtering unit de-dusting slag and aggregate hoppers. The unit had to ensure sufficient extraction of polluted air during the transport of raw materials, meet noise and emission limits and technical requirements of the plant. The subject-matter of the work consisted in replacing two existing filtering units with two new filtering units with the capacity of 72000 Nm3/hour and 41000 Nm3/hour, to which both the existing extracted rooms and newly affected places were connected. TENZA, a.s., was the general contractor responsible for comprehensive deliveries of equipment and connected devices including installation, necessary dismantling, and construction work including electrical wiring and measurement and control.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation of Coal Boilers in TEVEX

Project duration: 19 months
Completion: 2/2018
New equipment installation reducing sulphur oxides and solid pollutants in the TEVEX heating plant in Černožice. The SO2 emission reduction technology implemented was conditioned dry desulphurization using a simple absorber with the aim of reducing pollutant concentrations below 1500 mg/Rm3 of SO2 and 30 mg/Rm3 of solid pollutants. The contract concerns three identical K1, K2 and K3 water-tube grate boilers burning lignite where the nominal output of each of the boilers is 16 tonnes of steam per hour (1.5 MPa 260 °C). The total installed heat output of the heating plant is 33.6 MWt.

Installation of an Additional Gas Source in Elektrárna Dětmarovice

Client: ČEZ Energetické služby, s.r.o.
Project duration: 7 months
Completion: 12/2017
The project included the installation of a gas boiler with an output of 23 MW on the premises of Elektrárna Dětmarovice. The work included the delivery and building of a new stack 62 meters high including flue gas ducts and the delivery and installation of pipes in dimensions DN 250 approximately 300 meters in length.

Fitment of the Utility Corridor in Vodní, Leitnerova, and Křídlovická Streets

Client: Teplárny Brno, a.s.
Project duration: 7 months
Completion: 09/2017
The subject-matter of the work was the hot-water supply main in the primary underground utility corridor of the city of Brno between the technological galleries and shafts  TG2 – TG11/Š12 – Š13A – Š13  in the form of a delivery and installation of steel pipes DN 150 to 350 including insulation approx. 1 500 meters in length. The work included disassembly of the existing steam and condensate pipes DN 80 to 350 approx.  1 500 meters in length, delivery and installation of steel structures for the new hot-water piping, laying of communication optic cables, telephone cables, control and regulation of section valves, monitoring of the hot-water distribution system parameters.

Construction of a New Billet Dressing Hall

Client: Třinecké železárny, a.s.
Project duration: 7 months
Completion: 03/2017
The construction of a new hall on the premises of Třinecké železárny where the billet dressing room and connected operating equipment will be installed. The ground plan of the hall is a rectangle of the dimensions 184.5 m in length, 31.67 m in width and 22.65 m in height. The longer side wall adjoins the existing billet hall with which it shares the manufacturing technology. The hall has a steel bearing structure built on reinforced concrete foundations, supported by piles and jacketed with sandwich panels with PUR core. The hall is equipped with a crane line for a bridge crane with the load-carrying capacity of 15 tonnes. The project included the installation of electric wiring, light and socket wiring, hot water heating network including SAHARA heaters and rain gutters for both neighbouring halls.

Installation of an Electrode Boiler in ŠKO ENERGO, Mladá Boleslav

Client: E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o.
Project duration: 6 months
Completion: 12/2016
Energy conversion equipment with an output of 15 MW for the provision of auxiliary services was installed under this contract. The new technological equipment is intended for system services of the Czech Energy Transmission System. The installed electrode boiler with input voltage 6.3 kV was made by Parat Halvorsen AS, Norway. It uses electricity surplus to heat water which can be subsequently used in the district heating system. Under the contract, TENZA, a.s., ensured complete installation of the equipment including construction alterations, structure deliveries, pipe connections, high voltage supply, and measurement and control.

Installation of a CHP Unit in Meziboří

Client: ČEZ Energo, s.r.o.
Project duration: 14 months
Completion: 08/2016
The construction of a new production plant on stilts and installation of two Quanto D1600 units with the total output of 3120 kWe and 3582 kWt, a separating exchanger 5 MW and addition of two accumulation tanks with the total capacity of 270 m3, construction of a stack (50 m) and a new transformer station with transformers twice 2 000 kVA.

Retrofit of the existing desulphurisation equipment in Elektrárny Opatovice

Client: Elektrárny Opatovice, a.s.
Project duration: 33 months
Completion: 5/2016
Within this desulphurisation project TENZA, a.s. is responsible for the construction of two new wet limestone absorbers No. 3 and 4 including related equipment. It is also responsible for the renovation of the limestone management and mixing centre, construction of new gas ducts connected with new desulphurisation lines and replacement of existing raw gas ducts leading from individual boilers, and also a complete delivery of a new control system. The capacity of both desulphurisation lines has been designed to process twice 1 071 000 Nm3/h of raw gases. On the outlet from the desulphurisation equipment the SO2 concentration will be below 180 mg/Nm3 while the efficiency of the desulphurisation process will be up to 98.5%. This project will contribute significantly to reducing emissions in the Pardubice a Hradec Králové Regions

Construction of Two STC Halls in Třinecké železárny

Client: Třinecké železárny, a.s.
Project duration: 6 months
Completion: 12/2015
The construction of two neighbouring industrial buildings related to the production of steel wires and bars. In the first larger production shop with the dimensions 46.95 x 18.85 x 17.75 m two new STC furnaces and connected equipment should be installed. The other smaller hall having the shape of a right-angled trapezium is connected with the first shop and the original hall and is intended for maintenance services necessary for the operation of furnaces. Both buildings have steel bearing structures on ferroconcrete foundations supported by piles and cased in sandwich panels with thermal insulating PUR core. In the larger building a crane track for a bridge crane with the load-carrying capacity of 5 tons has been installed. The construction work of both buildings included electric wiring containing both light and socket wiring, hot-water distribution system for heating including the installation of the SAHARA heating units and fans ventilating the shops.

Flue Gas Desulphurisation and denitrification in České Budějovice Heat and Power Plant

Client: Teplárna České Budějovice, a.s.
Project duration: 22 month
Completion: 11/2015
The flue gas desulphurisation equipment for the K11 and K12 boilers utilizes wet limestone scrubbing technology and the equipment reducing nitrogen emissions for the K11 boiler consists of primary and secondary adaptations to the boiler (non-catalytic denitrification SNCR). The subject-matter of the contract included related buildings and equipment. The desulphurisation capacity is designed for processing of 410,550 Nm3/hr of raw gases with the output concentration of SO2 under 200 mg/Nm3. The volume of denitrified flue gases of the K11 boiler reach up to 214,000 Nm3/hr and NOx concentrations in flue gases on the outlet are below 200 mg/Nm3.

Revitalization of the District Heating System in Jablonec n. N. –1st Phase

Client: Jablonecká energetická a.s.
Project duration: 5 months
Completion: 10/2015
The first phase of the district heating revitalization in Jablonec nad Nisou concerned approximately 1650 households which were disconnected from steam and connected to hot water in the course of the project implementation.
During the construction the operation of the original exchanger stations was gradually dampened and central steam distribution system was abandoned. New sources of heat were built – gas boiler rooms and new hot water and gas pipelines for individual boiler rooms, including a high-pressure gas regulation station, were installed. New gas boiler rooms generating heat for separate district heat distribution systems were built in the places of the original exchanger stations in four localities: Březová (2.8 MW), Mechová (2.8 MW), B. Němcové (2.88 MW) and J. Hory (3.4 MW).

Renovation of the K1 and K2 Boilers Employing Fluidized Bed Technology

Client: Teplárna Strakonice, a.s.
Project duration: 45 months
Completion: 07/2015
The conversion of two coal grate boilers K1 and K2 (with the nominal output 36 tonnes of steam per hour each) into fluidized bed boilers enables the plant operator to burn lignite and biomass in the proportion 60:40 of the thermal output. The leading-edge fluidized bed technology combines the advantages of the stationary (bubbling) fluidized bed and circulating fluidized bed while meeting the required output and emission parameters.

Desulphurisation of the K2 – K4 Boilers in Teplárna Karviná

Client: Dalkia Česká republika
Project duration: 23 months
Completion: 11/2014
The construction of a joint desulphurisation unit in Teplárna Karviná for the K2, K3 and K4 boilers with the total heat output of 188 MW (corresponding to the quantity of produced / clean flue gas having the volume of 821 000 Am3/h), intended to reduce the content of acid elements (primarily SO2) and solid pollutants in flue gases. The desulphurisation technology applied was CFB FGD (Circulating Fluidised Bed Flue Gas Desulphurisation) based on an expanded circulating fluidized bed (CFB).

De-dusting of a Coal Unloading Pit

Client: Třinecké Železárny, a.s.
Project duration: 8 months
Completion: 2/2015
The project was aimed at installing de-dusting equipment in the unloading area above the grate and under the ceiling of the unloading pit, constructing dust extraction of the filling funnel of six roll feeders of hoppers to collecting conveyors and dust extraction of hoppers of the collecting conveyor. The purpose of the project was to improve working conditions for the employees of the client and also significantly reduce air pollution caused by the plant.
When designing the equipment, it was necessary to take into consideration the fact that the extracted dust would be explosive. The interior of the extraction pipeline and the fabric filter were, therefore, determined to be BE3N1 – areas with a high risk of explosion of flammable dust.

De-dusting of Coal Trippers 3 and 4

Client: Třinecké železárny, a.s.
Project duration: 8 months
Completion: 2/2015
The project included the delivery of filtration equipment in the form of separate filtration units for individual trippers, and the transportation and loading of the furnace charge. The filtration unit intended for the trippers is situated on a new steel platform adjacent to the hall with trippers. In the transportation and loading of furnace charge plants the charge is loaded from the ore stock yard on railway trucks. The new filtration unit de-dusting both plants is situated on a new steel platform above the railway track. To de-dust the area all sources of dust are covered and suction adapters are installed to the sources of dust to suck the dusted air mass. The separation of dust is ensured by fabric filters cleaning the sucked air mass so that all legislative requirements on emissions of solid pollutants are met.


Client: JRA Estate, a.s.
Project duration: 13 months
Completion: 05/2014
Titanium, a modern office complex offering above-standard working environment and a pleasant relaxation zone, was built in Nové Sady in the immediate vicinity of Brno Main Railway Station. TENZA, a.s. was responsible for the complex service delivery including central heating, cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation, electricity and measurement and control. The cost of the project was nearly CZK 140 million and included construction of a hot water connection and two heat exchangers with the outputs of 1.282 kW and 1.138 kW.


Client: Sono Records, s.r.o.
Project duration: 12 months
Completion: 04/2014
TENZA, a.s, participated in the construction of the Sonocentrum modern multipurpose complex in Veveří Street in Brno. The innovative design concept for this unique complex of a music club, hotel, restaurant, bar and office building was developed by František Šmédek, an architect working in Brno.
TENZA, a.s. was responsible for delivering and putting into operation the air-conditioning, cooling, electric wiring, measurement and control, access system, interior installation of gas, central heating, sprinkler system and automatic ventilation equipment.

Biomass Boiler Plant in Vlašim

Client: Dalkia Kolín, a.s.
Project duration: 6 months
Completion: 12/2013
The construction and equipment of a biomass burning boiler plant including automated operation under the project “Energy-Efficient Heat Management in the Town of Vlašim – 2nd Phase”. The new source with the output of 1 MWt and nominal parameters of heating water 100/55 °C burns wood chips - the side product of logging in the surrounding woods. The guaranteed minimum efficiency of the device is 86 %. The biomass boiler plant including all connected buildings and operating units such as the wood chips storehouse, boiler room, electrical wiring, measurement and control system, air-conditioning, propane-butane warehouse, etc. contributes to efficient and simultaneously environmentally friendly generation of heat distributed to the connected buildings through the heating network.

Connection of Lázně and Prosetice to the Teplice District Heating System

Client: ČEZ Teplárenská, a.s.
Project duration: 13 months
Completion: 12/2013
Within this project a hot water distribution system was constructed in the spa town of Teplice, intended to deliver heat from the Beethoven spa residential home to Lázně and Prosetice town quarters. The total length of the DN 250 – DN 80 pre-insulated pipeline is 5 km. A new central steam/water heat exchanger – Beethoven exchanger – with an output of 30MW was built. The existing gas boiler plants in Prosetice and Šanov 2 were replaced with hot water/water exchangers delivering heat to individual users. The project also included construction of a new steam connection leading from the town collector to the Beethoven spa residential home.

The Equipment, Upgrades and Introduction of Clean Technologies in Power Industry

Client: LOVOCHEMIE, a.s.
Project duration: 8 months
Completion: 7/2013
The key part of the project was aimed at replacing the existing steam heating of the chemical plant with hot water heating. It consisted in the construction of four steam/water exchangers and four circuits of hot water systems. Total 36 compact heat exchangers were installed and also a new measurement and control system including a central control room. The heat insulation of steam piping was modernized 8 km in length and diameters of steam piping were reduced in some selected sections. Steam heating was replaced with hot water heating in eighteen buildings in the newly created hot water districts. The project also included lowering energy consumption through the connection of four electrically driven feed pumps of steam boilers to the control system and the possibility to use them as an automatic standby supply when operating the boiler plant.

Connection of the south and centre of Brno to a Central Heat Exchanger Station

Client: Teplárny Brno, a.s.
Project duration: 12 měsíců
Completion: 5/2013
The conversion from the original steam to hot water heating has required the construction of a new larger HVS MĚSTO heat exchanger station having an output of 65.8 MW situated on the premises of a former desilication station in Teplárny Brno, a.s., Špitálka plant branch. The exchanger station preferentially uses steam generated by a TG20 turbine, which increases the efficiency of its operation. It consists of two basic heaters (twice 10.9 MW), and one new peak demand heater having an output of 25.5 MW. When the new heat exchanger is in operation, the temperature of return water is maintained at 60 °C, the exit temperature is regulated to vary between 70 – 130 °C in accordance with the climatic conditions.

Conversion from the Steam Piping to Hot Water Piping in Trutnov

Client: ČEZ Teplárenská, a.s.
Project duration: 12 měsíců
Completion: 4/2013
The replacement of existing steam piping in Trutnov Pořící and Výsluní by hot water pre-insulated piping connected to the steam central exchanger station and installation of compact heat exchanger stations for heating and hot water preparation in buildings originally connected to the steam piping. The client was ČEZ Teplárenská, a.s. and the project included installation of 7 km of pipelines and installation of several compact heat exchanger stations.

Renovation of a Part of the Liberec District Heating System - Františkov

Client: MVV enservis a.s.
Project duration: 10 months
Completion: 3/2013
The project of upgrading heat delivery systems in Liberec consisted in installing two hot water gas boilers with a total output of 6 MW and a combined heat and power unit with a heat output of 1750 kW. The project included a new pre-insulated pipeline laying procedure (the dimensions were DN 100 – 150, and 1.1 km in length), the renovation of three central heat exchangers, and installation of two domestic exchanger stations.

Boiler Plant Renovation in Vrchlabí - CHP Unit Instalation

Client: TEPLO IVANČICE, s.r.o., ČEZ Energo, s.r.o.
Project duration: 11 months
Completion: 03/2013
TENZA, a.s., has renovated the district rating source – a steam gas boiler plant in Žižkova street in Vrchlabí under the titles “Energy Savings in nkt cables Vrchlabí – 2nd phase” and “Combined Heat and Power Unit Installation in LK Vrchlabí”. The project included installation of two new hot water boilers with the outputs of 3.5 MW and 2.8 MW respectively and two combined heat and power units in acoustic booths having the nominal electric output of 1600 kW. The project further included
construction work, reduction of the stack height to 37.5 m, new hot water pipeline routes, delivery and installation of new equipment and a new system of control and instrumentation.

Libeň – Holešovice Heat Supply Main

Client: Pražská teplárenská, a.s.
Project duration: 20 months
Completion: 10/2012
The Libeň – Holešovice heat supply main is connecting Teplárna Holešovice (THOL) and subsequently the area of Dolní Holešovice district heating system to the Prague Heat and Power Supply System Pražská teplárenská soustava (PTS) that is interconnected with a source in Power Plant Mělník. The supply main makes it possible to use the output reserves of the THOL source to supply heat to the Prague Heat and Power Supply System as well as to the developing areas between Argentinská and Bubenská streets, Holešovická tržnice and Rohanský island. It also enables Dolní Holešovice district heating system to convert the heating medium used in the district heating system from steam to hot water.

Installation of an Additional Gas Source in Elektrárna Dětmarovice

Client: ČEZ Energetické služby, s.r.o.
Project duration: 7 months
Completion: 12/2017
The project included the installation of a gas boiler with an output of 23 MW on the premises of Elektrárna Dětmarovice. The work included the delivery and building of a new stack 62 meters high including flue gas ducts and the delivery and installation of pipes in dimensions DN 250 approximately 300 meters in length.

Mydlovary Heat and Power Plant – Biomass Power Unit

Client: E.ON Trend, s.r.o.
Project duration: 27 months
Completion: 08/2012
This new biomass power unit has an output of 11.7 tonnes of steam per hour and parameters of 3.2 Mpa, 400 °C and maximum output on the generator connectors of 2.66 MW. A condensing turbine with a regulated extraction maximum of 8.48 tonnes of steam per hour and parameters of 0.102 MPa, 105 °C is installed. Steam is transferred to the steam/water exchanger with an output of 5.44 MW. The system as a whole is designed for possible full condensation operation. Thanks to the installed power unit the heat delivered to the town of Zliv can be largely produced from wood chips.

Connection of PP1, PP2 to District Heating System in Bílina

Client: ČEZ Teplárenská, a. s.
Project duration: 13 months
Completion: 08/2012
The project was a part of the new concept of delivering heat to the town of Bílina. Its purpose was to reduce air pollution by converting the heating system to a more environmentally friendly district heating system from the Ledvice power plant. During the construction the separate locations around abolished gas boiler plants were linked up into one hydraulic circuit. The whole heating system was connected to one main source – a heat exchanger station (steam/water).

Installation of a Biomass Boiler to the K7 Boiler Plant U Hřbitova in Jihlava

Client: Jihlavské kotelny s.r.o.
Project duration: 11 months
Completion: 04/2012
Conversion of the existing gas boiler plant into a biomass boiler plant including a boiler with an output of 3 MW and a new accumulator with the volume of 250 m3 accumulating heat that is incorporated into the existing heating system of the housing estate and a new fuel storage facility equipped with a bridge crane. The equipment is designed as fully automated system that is remotely controlled and under a camera surveillance system.

Biogas Plant in Chocnějovice

Client: Zemědělské družstvo Sever Loukovec
Project duration: 15 months
Completion: 03/2012
/ The construction of a biogas plant in the premises of the Sever Loukovec cooperative farm in the vicinity of Mnichovo Hradiště that is to process products of arable farming as well as animal farming. Two combined heat and power MWM units with a total output of 716 kW have been installed. Heat produced by cooling the combined heat and power units is used for heating the adjacent buildings for animal farming and domestic hot water on the farm.

Renovation of the District Heating System in K2 and K3 Boiler Plant, Uherský Brod

Client: REGIO UB, s.r.o.
Project duration: 8 months
Completion: 02/2012
The project of upgrading the district heating system in Uherský Brod consisted in installing four condensing gas-fired boilers with a total output of 4.05 MW, two combined heat and power units with a total output of 350 kW, including transformer stations in each boiler plant. The project included laying the pre-insulated pipeline with dimensions DN 65-150, 1.75 km in length and building exchanger stations.

Banská Bystrica: Radvaň Biomass Boiler Plant

Client: KA Contracting SK, s.r.o.
Project duration: 7 months
Completion: 11/2011
The construction of a new heat source burning wood biomass in the Radvaň Boiler Plant Banská Bystrica that is to distribute heat to the Radvaň, Fončorda and THK Banská Bystrica housing estates. The project includes the installation of two wood biomass burning boilers with an output of 2 x 4 MW and annual heat delivery of 160,000 GJ including fittings (daily fuel storage bin, fuel transportation system, and flue gas venting and cleaning). The boiler plant includes an engine room taking hot water to the existing engine room of the Radvaň heat and power plant.

Heat delivery from Dětmarovice PP to Bohumín

Client: ČEZ, a.s., ČEZ Teplárenská, a.s.
Project duration: 35 months
Completion: 11/2011
The project will result in more efficient use of CHP heat. The entire job involves modifications to the power plant, building a heat pipeline from Dětmarovice to Bohumín, building the main heat circle in the centre of Bohumín, and renovation of the town's residential boiler plants.

Overhaul of the K4 Boiler – the Otrokovice Heating Plant, Phase I

Client: Teplárna Otrokovice, a.s.
Project duration: 12 months
Completion: 10/2010
Phase I of the complete boiler renovation included overhauling the first flue-gas pass of the K4 steam boiler with an output of 125 tp/h and parameters of 9.32 MPa, 540 °C. It was necessary to make adaptations to the combustion air system that should, by taking primary and secondary measures, ensure meeting the emission limits of the K4 boiler after 2016.

Plzeňská energetika – Backup Power Supply 22 MWe

Client: Plzeňská energetika, a.s.
Project duration: 20 months
Completion: 08/2011
The complete construction, assembly and delivery of part of the new backup power source with an installed output of 22 MWe. This power source should provide support services for ČEPS, a.s., operating the electric Transmission System of the Czech Republic. It is installed in a renovated building of the former K6 oil-fired boiler plant and it has 3 motor generators burning heavy fuel oil with low sulphur content.

Building supervisor at the Brno Waste Treatment Plant

Client: SAKO Brno, a.s.
Project duration: 32 months
Completion: 6/2010
The building supervisor's job at Brno WTP is to represent the client during the renovation of the SAKO Brno, a.s., incinerator, everyday site supervision, and overall co-ordination of the execution, inspecting the agreement of the executed works with the contract and applicable legislation, and last but not least, the development of expert reports and marketing promotion of the project.

Construction of a source for combined heat and power production from biomass in Žatec

Client: Žatecká Teplárenská, a.s.
Project duration: 15 months
Completion: 07/2010
Executed on the site of an existing coal source. The new unit will combust wood biomass and generate heat and the investment project involves building a new hot water distribution network, a new combined heat and power source for combusting biomass, and the required facilities as requested and needed by the client.

Desulphurisation at Plzeňská energetika

Client: Plzeňská energetika, a.s.
Project duration: 21 months
Completion: 09/2009
Execution of a new desulphurisation unit for wet limestone elution for boilers K1, K3 and K4 with a total rated output of 330 MWth. This advanced sulphur emission reduction method can reduce suplhur dioxide and dust emissions by more than one half, compared to the original technology.

Moravičany, Doubravice, Mitrovice – Pressure Sewage and Wastewater Treatment Plant

Client: the Community of Moravičany
Project duration: 12 months
Completion: 02/2011
Construction of a new pressure sewage line made of polyethylene with a diameter of DN 50 - DN 160 mm, 18.9 km in length, and a new community wastewater treatment plant with a capacity of 1558 EO.