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We Install another Electrode Boiler, this Time in Chrudim

Tenza is installing another, already the third electrode Parat boiler with an output 15 MW, this time for Energeon CZ s.r.o. in the industrial park in the north-east of Chrudim. The specifications of this boiler are the same as in the case of the electrode boiler installed in Červený Mlýn boiling plant in Brno, only the output is limited by the local requirements for connection to the transmission system. 
The boiler will be used for the generation of heat from electric power, i.e. use of excess power from the ČEPS transmission system and transformation of electricity to heating water for the district heating system (DHS) to provide supporting services for the Czech transmission system.
The new equipment is situated next to the existing accumulation tank in the building which should be renovated under the contract as well. The construction work consists in renovations to the building skin, roof and floors. To connect the boiler to the energy network, it is necessary to adjust cable routes and energy pipelines of the operator. Currently work on pipeline routes and connection to the high voltage is finishing and individual devices are being connected to the control system.
The deadline for the completion in the scope necessary for certification of support services is set for mid-July; the entire work should be handed over at the end of September 2019.