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We Implement other District Heating Systems Renovation Projects in Košice, Slovakia

At the beginning of April TENZA, a.s., launched two parts of the district heating primary distribution system renovation and modernization project in Košice, Slovakia, worth EUR 2.2 m.

Within the first part of the work, the existing hot-water pipes will be replaced with pre-insulated pipes DN 300 having 1170 meters in length in the Staré mesto city quarter. The other part of the project focuses on renovations of the primary steam distribution of the district heating system providing heat to HYDINA made of pre-insulated pipes having the dimensions DN 150, 2000 m in length in the Nad Jazerom city quarter.

TENZA Slovakia, spol. s r.o., a subsidiary of TENZA, a.s.,  is responsible for both parts of the project which is going to be carried out during the non-heating season of this year.