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We Build a Production Shop in Třinecké železárny

In the first week of May TENZA started the construction of a new production shop on the premises of Třinecké železárny steelworks where the beneficiation production line will be installed. The project involves four basic parts, namely the steel structure of the shop, cladding, wiring and heating.
The new shop will be installed on prepared foundation ferroconcrete footblocks. The bearing structure is formed by a steel structure having the dimensions 80 x 22 x 15 meters and weighing 285 tonnes. The building will contain a crane track for a bridge crane with a load carrying capacity of 8 tonnes. The cladding is designed to be made of Kingspan sandwich wall panels. Light polycarbonate strips containing ventilating window leafs and shutter roller gates and doors will be inserted in the walls. A saddle roof is designed for the building; the bearing part consists of trapezoidal sheet metal on which combined heat insulant and waterproofing membrane are laid. The energybridge carrying cabling goes through the shop and supplies power to surrounding production equipment such as peeling and beneficiating lines in the adjacent shop. The energybridge relocation is planned for the last phase of the work when new cable and pipe routes will be relocated to the peripheral wall of the building. The construction work should be completed in September 2019.