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We are finishing the project in Mykolajev, Ukraine

The consortium of TENZA, a.s. and Energo-Investu LLC Kiev, Ukraine, is finishing work on the contract “The Delivery, Installation, and Putting into Operation of Heat Exchanger Stations in Buildings in the City of Mykolajev”. The contract with the client, the municipal company “Mykolaivteplokomunenergo”, for more than EUR 2 million, was concluded in January 2018 and in compliance with the schedule, the project should be completed in September 2019 before the heating season starts.

Within the project 92 heat exchanger stations in buildings have been installed in four phases, the last phase comprising 11 heat exchanger stations is nearing completion. The majority of construction work in this half-a-million city known for its shipyards has been carried out in its southern part in Korabelska Area. The contract includes comprehensive construction preparation for the installation of individual modules.

The contract is financed by the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development within the renovation of the district heating system program in Ukraine. The consortium of TENZA, a.s. and Energo-Invest LLC is participating in other similar tenders and intends to initiate other joint projects.