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We Are Completing the Installation of an Electrode Boiler in the Červený Mlýn Plant

TENZA, a.s., is working on the completion of a new electrode boiler installation project for Teplárny Brno, a.s., worth CZK 58.5 million. The new equipment makes it possible to use excessive electric power for the generation of heat which is subsequently stored in accumulation tanks. Moreover, the electrode boiler will be used as a backup source of hot water increasing the reliability of heat deliveries to the district heating system. 
The equipment has been installed in the immediate vicinity of a newly renovated accumulation tank in the Červený Mlýn heating plant. The conversion of the original light heating oil tank to a new heating water accumulation tank was carried out by TENZA, a.s. in 2017.
The installation of the electrode boiler began at the end of the last year. So far a new building for the boiler has been constructed, the boiler with an output of 20 MWt produced by Parat Halvorsen AS, Norway has been installed, and the existing hot-water piping leading from the exchanger station to accumulation tanks has been laid. A reinforced concrete transformer vault has also been constructed and an isolation transformer with the nominal output of 20 MVA has been installed.
The work is planned to be completed and handed over at the end of October 2018.