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The heat supply main from the Temelín nuclear power plant in full swing

In the first two sections 7000 metres of excavation work out of the total 9152 metres have been completed, out of which sand subbases have been prepared for the installation of pipes in the trench on half of the route. Also the installation and connection of pre-insulated pipes has been going on. On 25 July preheating of pipes officially started in the first pre-stressed section; currently the pipes are being covered by sand, which will be followed by backfilling. Preparations for pre-stressing continue in other sections, where the plan expects commencement of simultaneous preheating of two sections.

In the course of this week the first pipe pushing 32 m in length under the II/105 Týn nad Vltavou – České Budějovice road will be completed. At the same time we are working on pipe pushings under the road leading to the village of Temelín and under the road leading to the village of Kočín. Within the next two weeks other two pipe pushings will be started, namely under the II/105 road and under the road leading to the village of Oleštík. 

Demolition work and pre-production of pipe routes are carried out as part of the preparations for the second interruption of operation of the CPS2 heat exchanger station in České Budějovice which should take place on 7 and 8 August.