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The Heat Supply Main Construction Is Gaining Momentum

After the ground-breaking ceremony of the heat supply main from Temelín to České Budějovice in mid-March the project has reached the implementation phase. The heat supply main has 26 km in length and is divided into six construction sections; it will be made of pre-insulated pipes in the dimension DN 500. The work began at the outer edge of the Temelín power plant and continues in individual phases mostly along the Týn nad Vltavou – České Budějovice road where the heat supply main leads to the newly renovated CPS2 transformer station.
The earth moving operations in the form of removing topsoil started as early as March. Currently almost all overlying layers in the first and second sections have been removed and the work continues in other sections. At the end of April the implementation team commenced excavation work within the first section.
In mid-March gradual deliveries of pre-insulated pipes to selected storage locations started from where the pipes are distributed to individual installation locations. 
Simultaneously with the beginning of the first section of the hot-water distribution system construction the renovations of the CPS2 transformer station in České Budějovice began. To be able to carry out fundamental alterations to this building, it is necessary to carry out temporary reconnection within planned interruptions of supplies in order to ensure heat deliveries to České Budějovice for the heating season 2019/2020. The final reconnection of the CPS2 transformer station to the new hot-water distribution system is planned for the third quarter of 2020 after the completion of the heat supply main.