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Teplárna Náchod Uses Natural Gas instead of Coal

On 17 January a new gas boiler was put into operation in the presence of the management of TENZA, innogy Energo and the representatives of the city of Náchod.

After three years of intensive work the heating modernization project in Náchod was finished thanks to which the obsolete coal technology was replaced with more eco-friendly natural gas and the distance heating system was optimized.

TENZA was the contractor for the final phase of the investment project of innogy Energo which was undertaken under two separate contracts from 2018. The first contract included the delivery and installation of new pre-insulated pipes approximately 1.5 km in length, adjustments to the eligible meter points, and installation of 24 compact heat exchanger stations in the Plhov quarter of Náchod. The other project was aimed at the new source section including a gas steam boiler with an output of 16 tons of steam per hour, two combined heat and power units and a steam exchanger station. The new source will be used to generate and accumulate heat in the form of heating water, to generate electricity in a combined manner and to produce pre-heated steam. 

Time-lapse video showing the course of construction work