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TENZA Works on Desulphurisation in Unipetrol

The renovation and modification of the existing desulphurisation equipment and technology of the K13 through K20 boilers is the subject-matter of the work carried out by TENZA, a.s. in UNIPETROL RPA, s.r.o. on the premises of a refinery in LitvĂ­nov.
TENZA, a.s., became the general contractor on the basis of a public tender last year in spring. TENZA decided to apply the simultaneous desulphurisation method consisting in controlled injecting of dry powder sorbent into flowing glue gases. The aim of the project is to reduce SO2 emissions below 130 mg/Nm3, which will be an emission limit in force from 2020. The project also includes the construction of a new reagent storage silo having the capacity of 800 m3 and two independent lines for the reagent injection, installation of powerful circuit breakers, and extension of the existing control system.
The completion of the work worth CZK 110 m is planned for the end of December 2019.