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TENZA to Finalize the Execution of a Contract for the Slag Grinding Mill Filtration Solution

TENZA, a.s., has been working on the successful fulfilment of another contract for the conversion of manufacturing plants in Třinecké železárny, a.s. to eco-friendly operation. TENZA, a.s. is the general contractor for the Filtration Solution for the Slag Grinding Mill Project worth CZK 28 m. In spring 2018 a two-month trial run of the first filtration unit started and at the end of June 2018 that of the second filtration unit. The main aim of the project and also one of the guaranteed parameters, i.e. to reduce the dust outlet from the slab grinding plant, was accomplished and confirmed by performance guarantee tests carried out only few days ago. The emissions in the slag grinding plant were measured when input slag was handled, i.e. slag input through a discharging hopper to the input conveyor belt, and when the produced aggregate and extracted metals were taken from bunkers and loaded into railway wagons. The performance guarantee tests for the two filtration units confirmed dust outlet below 1 mg/m3 when 41 000 m3/h and 72 000 m3/h respectively of air were extracted. The maximum limit is 10 mg/m3. After the completion of the trial run the filtration solution will be handed over to the user and put into daily operation at the end of August.