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TENZA Has Signed Contracts for the District Heating System Overhaul in Košice, Slovakia

The management of TENZA has signed three contracts for work for the overhaul and upgrading of the heat distribution system worth EUR 3.5 million with the combined heat and power plant in Košice, Slovakia.
The subject-matter of the first work is the overhaul of the heat distribution system having an overall length of 816 m in the housing estate in the vicinity of Toryská street in the Košice – západ city quarter; the second project is aimed at upgrading the district heating system 858 m in length in the Dargovských hrdinů city quarter; and the last contract named The Conversion of the Industrial Zone from Steam to Hot Water in the Košice Nad Jazerom city quarter includes laying of 713 m of pre-insulated pipes. All three projects will be launched when this-year´s heating season is over; the hand-over is planned for autumn 2020.