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Renovations of Steam Piping in Brno – Zábrdovice

One of the arterial roads in the city of Brno – Cejl – Zábrdovická – underwent total renovation from autumn 2018 to the end of 2019. Besides the bridge spanning the Svitava River and the tram track, also the underground services were reconstructed. TENZA participated in this project as the contractor to build the new hot water distribution system for Teplárny Brno, a.s., including a new footbridge.

The work started at the end of October 2018 and was carried out without interruption throughout the winter months and most of 2019. Starting from the crossroads of Cejl and Francouzská Streets, the existing steam piping and precast concrete trenches were disconnected and uninstalled and replaced with a new hot water distribution system made of pre-insulated pipes of the backbone line DN 300. Other dimensions of attached lines were connected to the backbone line and the total length finally reached approximately 1.4 km. The pipeline passes through Cejl, crosses the bridge over the Svitava River and continues by the Military Hospital along Zábrdovická Street. The renovations were simultaneously carried out in Svitavské nábřeží Street reaching the trolley bus yard of the passenger transport company DPmB. Within the project the old pipeline bridge crossing the Svitava River was dismantled and TENZA produced and settled a brand new footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists which also carries pre-insulated pipes. 

As the deadline for the completion of work including the tram operation was only 13 months from the ground-breaking, it was extremely important and demanding to carefully coordinate all activities of all participating entities.  The renovations of the tram track, roads, and underground services were finally completed before the deadline. During the second phase in spring 2020 TENZA will lay the hot-water distribution system in Lazaretni Street leading to the former Zbrojovka factory premises.