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Renovation of Unit Exchanger Stations in Temelín

TENZA, a.s., won a tender for the renovation of unit exchanger stations in the Temelín nuclear power plant (ETE) and on Friday 30th November 2018 the company signed a contract for work with the project owner ČEZ, a.s. worth CZK 298 million.
The subject-matter of the work is renovation of unit exchanger stations at the 1 and 2 main generating units on the premises of the Temelín NPP ensuring centralized generation of heat in the form of heating water from non-regulated steam extraction of turbogenerators with the output of 1,000 MWe. Both unit exchanger stations have two branches with the maximum operating output of 90 MWt each. The existing equipment of the station will be completely uninstalled and replaced with new equipment. It means twelve new heating water heaters, six for each unit exchanger station, three for each branch and also eight new condensate pumps, four for each unit exchanger station. Brand new pipeline will also be laid, i.e. new steam, condensate and water piping with insulation and electric wiring including the control system.
The work at the power station is expected to start at the beginning of April 2019. Before this date complex documentation for the construction will be produced.