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Pipes Run below the Svratka River Bed in Brno

The replacement of the steam distribution system for hot water in Štýřice and Staré Brno city quarters is in full swing. TENZA, a.s the general contractor for the project for Teplárny Brno, a.s., has been renovating the heat distribution system in Náplavka, Poříčí, Bakalovo nábřeží and Polní Streets since October 2019 and the works should be completed by autumn 2020. 

The new hot water distribution system runs two and a half meter below the Svratka river bed. Up to now bridges and footbridges were used to carry pipes whenever they had to cross the river; however, this practice will have to be abandoned because of the flood control system planned to be implemented in this area. During the digging operations on the river bottom sheet piles are used for planking and strutting of pits. These works are carried out in two phases when a half of the river stream is dammed in each phase. “The works are carried out at a regular flow rate separately in each half of the river width. One half is dug out, pipes are installed, the ditch is filled and the same installation process can take place in the other half of the river,” says Martin Šroubek, Technical Development Manager from Teplárny Brno. 

It is not the first time that TENZA is dealing with the issue of laying pipes under the river bed. Completely different technology was applied when the Libeň – Holešovice heat supply main was built in Prague in 2012. Both banks of the Vltava were connected by a tunnel bored by mining technology fifteen meters below the river bed in which the pipes for the heat supply main were laid.