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Gas Boiler Plant Renovation in the Špitálka Heating Plant

At the beginning of May 2020 TENZA began construction work in the Špitálka boiler plant of Teplárny Brno heating plant as part of the project “Medium Pressure Steam Gas Boilers Installation in the Špitálka Plant”. 

The subject-matter of the work is the replacement of the existing back-up high pressure steam boilers  K28 and K29 using obsolete technology for modern, fire-tube, Lancashire, barrel medium pressure steam boilers K2 and K3 which are highly effective and reliable. Each of the new boilers (with the heat output of 35 MW, exit temperature of superheated steam 220 °C, and pressure 0.9-1.0 MPa) will have two new monoblock low-emission gas burners enabling operators to regulate the output effectively. The delivery covers connected equipment and technologies including the original boiler removal. Each boiler weighs 85 tons and will be put in by a 700-ton crane through the existing boiler plant roof.

The project worth almost CZK 200 m should be completed in June 2021.