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Construction of the ETE Heat Supply Main

The construction of the Temelín Nuclear Power Plant – České Budějovice heat supply main continues. Intensive excavation work is carried out in the first two sections of total six sections. In the first section 4000 meters of total 4429 meters of ditches have been dug and 650 meters of sand subbases formed. At the same time pre-insulated pipes are being assembled along the ditches. On Tuesday 11th June the construction work on one of three pipe pushings in this section officially commenced, namely P2E1 pipe pushing 21 meters in length crossing II/138 road leading to the village of Temelín. 
Excavation work and pipe assemblies also continue in the second section 4723 m in length leading through the Olešník cadastral territory. Up to the present day 700 m of ditches have been dug.  
The renovations of the CPS2 central exchanger station in České Budějovice are carried out simultaneously where relocations of pipes necessary for planned interruptions of deliveries. The first of them will take place from 19th to 21st June.