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Basic information

Business company: TENZA, a.s.
Seat: Svatopetrská 7
617 00 Brno
Company ID: 25570722
Tax code: CZ25570722
Company registration: The company has been registered in the business register administered by the County court of Brno, section B, chapter 3023
Legal form: Joint-stock company
Business subject:

• design and construction activities
• technical equipment installation
• service in the administrative management area and administrative economic services for physical persons and legal entities
• water plumbing, heating
• accountant consultant service, bookkeeping
• wholesaling
• specialised retail
• trade intercession
• service intercession
• engineering activities in investment constructions
• construction implementation, its modification and removing
• rental and chattel renting
• metalsmithing
• metalworking
• metal structures, boilers, bodies and containers manufacturing
• technical consultant activities in building, architecture, engineering, metallurgy, power engineering and chemistry
• installations, repairs, reconstructions, inspections and testing of defined pressure equipment

Guarantee capital: 30.000.000,- CZK
Subsidiary companies: TENZA Slovakia, spol. s r.o.
ET-mont group, s.r.o.
TENZA Facility, s.r.o.
Green Bio Organic Enegy doo.