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Operation of Central Heat Delivery Systems

District heating system projects rank among core business activities of TENZA a.s. in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Energy services include comprehensive solutions from designing and project documentation, through construction or reconstruction, to the operation of energy-generating facilities and heat distribution systems.

IIt is not only a matter of successful management of the construction or reconstruction process but especially of making full use of the technical and operational qualities of the contract concerned. To achieve maximum efficiency, we seek state-of-the-art technologies meeting the client's financial and operating conditions and requirements. Profound knowledge of the system under construction enables us to ensure smooth operation while achieving high production and heat distribution efficiency and minimizing operating and overhead costs. All the above facts have a positive effect on the final price of heat for customers.

In 2002 the company built a new heat distribution system in the town of Oslavany delivering heat to three hundred households. The original obsolete steam heating system was replaced with a new modern one using pre-insulated piping.

Another example of applying our expertise in operating heat distribution systems can be found in the town of Brtnice where TENZA built and has been operating the district heating system. The two existing separate boiler plants with low efficiency and high losses in heat and water distribution were first being tested in operation for one year. Following a financial assessment, TENZA a.s. suggested upgrading the system. Out of the three original non-conforming gas boiler plants, only one has been preserved and reconstructed to have the capacity of the dismantled boiler plants. TENZA a.s. simultaneously built a new heat distribution system delivering heat to nine prefabricated blocks of flats as well as to the local primary school and kindergarten. The citizens of Brtnice have been enjoying a reliable source of heat and domestic hot water at reasonable price since 2004.

Besides Oslavany and Brtnice TENZA a.s. operates also district heating systems in Planá by Mariánské Lázně and in the CTZone complex in Brno. The heating plant rebuilding project in Planá is certainly worth mentioning; TENZA a.s. has been operating the plant delivering heat to over a half of local households since 2007. The project received the “PROJECT OF THE YEAR 2006” award of the Association for District Heating of the Czech Republic in the category of district heating and cooling systems. Two coal burning boilers were replaced with two biomass (wood chips and straw) boilers; the third boiler was preserved and reconstructed. The straw burning boiler was produced on the basis of TENZA in-house research and development.

The heat distribution systems department of TENZA a.s. focuses not only on operating and maintaining district heating systems but primarily on licensed activities pursuant to the Energy Act, i.e. the production and distribution of heat. It is therefore one of the primary responsibilities of the department to comply with the rules for undertaking licensed activities. Our expertise gained from building and operating heat distribution systems guarantees reliability, quality and meeting technical parameters of heat supplies for the duration of the contractual relationship. Recommending necessary measures arising from the new developments in energy legislation is another advantage offered by TENZA to its customers.