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Energy Performance Contracting - EPC
EPC is a financial mechanism where utility bill savings that result from the project reducing energy use pay for the cost of the building project. Tenza provides funding and construction and the client pays back from the savings produced by the project for the term agreed in a contract. The Energy Service Contract dealing with the essential elements of the business relationship between TENZA and the client is made for the term necessary for paying back the acquisition cost of the project (usually 5-15 years).

The energy services include:

  • efficiency measures
  • project financing
  • construction and putting into operation
  • auditing and maintenance during the project payback
  • measuring and verification of savings

EPC is suitable for energy-efficiency measures arising from the recommendations of energy audits performed in compliance with Act No. 406/2000 Coll.

Energy Contracting - EC
The EC method is employed especially to finance district heating systems renovations. TENZA enters into a new contract for the lease and operation of the energy management with the district heating system operator. TENZA undertakes to upgrade the system at its expense in the contract. The client subsequently pays back the capital investment from proceeds from sale of heat. TENZA undertakes in the contract to maintain the heat price agreed in advance for the whole term of the leasehold relationship. After the lapse of the term of lease, TENZA hands the system over to the owner.

Project Funding Using Grant Schemes
TENZA provides free information service concerning grant schemes (EU structural funds, grants from Czech public resources, etc.). TENZA prepares projects and submits applications for grants. It also provides additional funding for the projects.

Financing by Means of Financial Claims Purchase
TENZA is able to provide financing by means of assignment of claims. TENZA carries out the construction project and subsequently assigns the financial claims against the client to a partner (bank, factoring company) whom the client pays back its debt under conditions agreed in advance (term of payment, amount of instalments and charges for the service).