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The Flue Gas Cleaning Group was formed in TENZA a.s. in 2002 with the aim of focusing primarily on developing technologies making it possible to increase the efficiency of existing semidry lime scrubbing methods, i.e. removing SO2 from flue gases produced by power plants.

During next years the technology of so called continuous (semidry and dry) desulphurisation has been created with financial assistance of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic and subsequently fine-tuned after numerous tests carried out in heat and power plants in the whole territory of the Czech Republic. The range of technologies offered has gradually extended to include also the remaining lime and non-lime technologies.

Currently TENZA a.s. is able, in cooperation with its partners, to create and deliver technologies for complex flue gas cleaning of small, middle, large and extra large power sources and offer dealing with problems connected with meeting current emission limits and new emission limits to be valid from 1 January 2016.

The technologies are created, delivered and installed with the aim of guaranteeing that the equipment employing the technologies will be able to meet the new emission limits for:

SO2, HCl, HF

  • using lime (dry, semidry and wet lime scrubbing)
  • using ammonia
  • using bicarbonate of soda


  • SNCR (selective non–catalytic reduction) using urea and ammonia


  • Electrostatic separators
  • Fabric filters
  • Cyclones and multicyclones

TENZA a.s. offers consultancy based on its expert knowledge and provides especially the following services:

  • Complex analyses of operating conditions of the source in compliance with new emission limits and ceilings valid as from 1 January 2016.
  • Proposing optimum technology meeting the requirements of the client.

Completed Projects