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TENZA compact heat exchangers are designed for delivering heat and service hot water to buildings. They are used both in district heating systems and local heating systems.

TENZA compact heat exchangers deliver heat to individual buildings and flats economically. Significant savings in heat consumption come from decentralised domestic hot water heating and local regulation of heating output. Compact heat exchangers can be installed in places where any of the primary heating media, such as warm water, hot water, or steam, are available. The heat exchangers are built to a compact design allowing quick and easy installation with minimum space requirements. The high quality components guarantee reliable operation.

The exchangers are designed by experts from TENZA in compliance with customer specifications. To create the optimal design of the exchanger, we use basic information given in the request.
Central heat exchangers are delivered without control systems and power interconnection. The compact heat exchangers can be equipped with the state-of-the-art control technology and power distribution board on request.

Design Solution
The supporting structure of the exchanger consists of a steel frame welded from thin-walled profiles and the machine equipment is fixed to this frame. The primary circuit pipes and central heating section pipes are made of steel, the domestic hot water section pipes are made of stainless steel (other materials can be used in compliance with customer requirements).