We make your ideas a reality

TENZA research and development specialists seek new creative solutions bringing the company commercial advantages in the fiercely competitive environment and ensuring the position of the market leader in many fields.

The company focuses especially on the following fields of activity:

  • using local energy resources
  • increasing energy self-sufficiency of regions
  • combined heat and electric power generation
  • using unusual materials as sources of energy
  • significantly increasing energy efficiency of selected procedures

In the course of years the methods for performing thermal and hydraulic analyses of heat-exchanging apparatuses have been improved and the technology of sludge sanitization by pasteurization and subsequent heat recovery has been developed and experimentally tested in order to be employed by municipal wastewater treatment plants. The necessity of reliable monitoring of piping networks has demanded the employment of two alternative precise methods of finding defects in the NORDIC systems.

Projects financially supported by the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic
In 2005 TENZA received grants from the Ministry of Industry and Commerce of the Czech Republic for the research of continuous desulphurization and the development of technology for its industrial application and for the development of straw burning hot water boilers with the output from 80 - 1000 kW.

The research and development of a dryer of substances with a very high moisture content including further energy utilization was based on the results of both completed and launched in-house research projects and requirements of customers looking for new possibilities of reprocessing waste or technological process by-products like substances with a very high moisture content (draff, stillage, sludge from wastewater treatment plants, etc.). The research has produced a result in the form of a dryer making it possible to reuse a substantial part of heat left after drying substances with a high moisture content as the residual heat can reach temperatures of up to 90°C (95°C).

In 2007 the research and development of a steam engine and accessories started, the purpose of which was to create technology enabling small plants to produce electric power from renewable sources and waste heat. The research project has produced the PEJ-1 power unit making it possible to use residual heat of flue-gases from various production processes such as combined heat and electric power units of biogas installations, technological furnaces or special combustion equipment.

Another research project carried out in connection with the above projects is aimed at developing a “Steam Boiler Burning Draff and Similar Fuels” allowing these fuels to be burnt after having been dried in the dryer of substances with a very high moisture content and subsequently using the steam for power generation as well as for other necessary processes or in the dryer again.
The results of another research programme “The Reliability Research of Heating Systems Using Pre-Insulated Piping and Method Development for Ensuring Higher Reliability” are reflected directly in the heating systems projects using pre-insulated piping and help eliminate breakdowns of heat distribution systems.