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When conducting engineering activities connected with the construction of energy sources, TENZA represents the client in an agreed scope.

Services are provided by an expert team of specialists necessary for the given facility being constructed.

Services provided:

  • general representation of the client for the duration of the construction project
  • coordination of all activities, deliveries and operations
  • cooperation in selecting suppliers
  • cooperation in entering into contracts
  • engineering activities, representation of the client when dealing with state administration bodies
  • management and coordination of operations
  • checking and approving documentation
  • quality control of supplies and operations
  • partial acceptance of operations and supplies
  • recording changes in the scope of project
  • recording contractors and their claims
  • organization of site meetings and approving reports on the course of operations carried out by suppliers
  • approving technological procedures
  • checking meeting the schedules
  • approving payment milestones
  • monitoring of the environmental protection control
  • monitoring of the observance of occupational health and safety rules
  • organization of working tests
  • acceptance of project parts
  • coordination of putting the facility into operation
  • organization of guarantee measurements