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Tenza, a.s. is currently one of the leading Czech companies engaged in delivering power supply units for the construction and renovation of heat and electric power sources, and heat distribution systems.

Comprehensive project solutions for power-generating structures from engineering, project documentation, to final execution – delivery, assembly and operation means for the customer a smooth transition and connectivity between processes.

TENZA, a.s. performs complex construction of central heat delivery systems. Besides power plants and heating plants the company also focuses on engineering and delivery of boiler houses, refuse incinerating plants, and biogas stations. TENZA, a.s. places great emphasis on power generation from renewable sources, especially biomass.

The construction and renovation of heat distribution systems often include rebuilding and upgrading existing central heat delivery systems. TENZA, a.s. is the exclusive distributor of pre-insulated piping systems and fittings made by leading foreign manufacturers. Compact heat exchanger stations produced by TENZA, a.s., designed for delivering heat and domestic hot water to buildings, are an appropriate addition to their heating equipment.

When carrying out projects the company employs in-house research and development concentrating on water and air protection systems and renewable sources of energy, especially biomass, using technologies for maximum fuel energy utilization.