We make your ideas a reality


TENZA a.s. provides comprehensive solutions in designing from preliminary design ideas up to complete technical drawing files. Our design engineers use the state-of-the-art software and take into consideration individual customer requirements.
  • Comprehensive solutions in the field of structures, heat and strength calculations
  • Designing for the purpose of boiler units upgrading
  • Design drawings of boiler plants and energy units


  • Production of non-pressure parts of steam boilers such as flue gas duct systems, air ducts and various types of steel structures.
  • Production of bunkers and silos for storing and transporting loose materials.
  • Repairs and renovations of steam and hot-water boilers of various outputs pursuant to technical drawings provided by the customer or possibly pursuant to new drawings made by TENZA.
  • Production of domestic heat exchangers.

Foundry Industry

Zinc Pressure Casting TENZA has been involved in foundry industry since 2004 and it produces zinc alloy castings while employing the pressure casting technology in its Adamov plant. Tenza supplies these products to many major companies in automotive, electrotechnical, textile and arms industries.

At the beginning of 2004 TENZA started production in the Adamov zinc pressure casting plant that the company had purchased from WONS. TENZA took over a fully operational foundry, including the equipment and technology, existing production programme, customers and experienced employees, which enabled the company to continue an almost 30-year tradition of zinc pressure casting in Adamov engineering works. The product range currently includes especially sport gun parts, machine parts and construction and furniture ironwork and fittings.

TENZA builds on expertise and specialist qualification of its employees and advanced manufacturing technology thanks to which it is able to market top quality products.

Metal Pressure Casting
Zinc alloy castings are manufactured on modern machines by injecting molten metal in the temperature range of 410 - 420 °C into metal moulds at a high velocity of up to 100 m/s. The pressure casting technology is employed for castings having complicated shapes, smooth surface and precise dimensions. The surface of the casting can be electroplated or chemically metalized.

Technological Potential of the Foundry
Castings of up to 900 g in weight are cast on FRECH pressure machines with a hot vertical chamber and closing force 20 – 63 t. Materials used for casting:

  • ČSN 42 35 58, ZAMAK 3 (Zn 400)
  • ČSN 42 35 60, ZAMAK 5 (Zn 410)
  • ČSN 42 35 62, ZAMAK 2 (Zn 430)

Final Operations
The castings are manually and mechanically worked. Inflows are removed on a trimming press. The castings are further rubbed or possibly finished and tumbled in oscillating drums. The surface can be polished, lacquered or plated. Products consisting of several parts are assembled in an adjacent shop. Finished products that have undergone final quality control are wrapped and delivered to customers.