We make your ideas a reality

TENZA a.s. is, among other activities, engaged also in renovations of old and building new sports grounds – including drafting and designs.

The clients are prevailingly schools and local authorities. As examples of successfully executed contracts of this type, we can mention “The Sports Ground Reconstruction of the Jasanová Primary School in Brno Jundrov” or “The Outdoor Club, Social and Sports Centre of the Záhoran Microregion”.
Ice Rinks
TENZA supplies the leading-edge technology for mobile ice rinks and ice arenas:

  • mobile ice rinks – the EPDM technology with white surface, increased energy performance, it is not necessary to colour the ice
  • ice arenas – the ICEGRID system, 20% energy savings in comparison with the standard system
  • multipurpose all-year playground – a football field and in-line skating and skate park in summer, skating in winter
  • other (ice bars, ice walls, slides …)