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Deliveries of pre-insulated pipes for heat pipelines and hot water pipelines and pipes carrying different media are one of the core business activities of TENZA a.s. TENZA is an exclusive distributor for pre-insulated pipes manufactured by the Danish company Lobster Ror.

Logstor Ror has been engaged in the production of pre-insulated pipes for more than 40 years and it has provided material for more than 170,000 km of piping. The company focuses on in-house research and development, which guarantees that Logstor Ror products always reflect the latest trends in the branch. Logstor Ror wide and comprehensive product range includes not only top quality pipes but sophisticated systems of couplings as well. It is always possible to find an optimal solution for given conditions. All Logstor Ror components have proved its quality in adverse conditions all over the world. Logstor Ror products are manufactured in advanced production plants under constant supervision, which ensures their highest quality.

Logstor Ror pre-insulated pipe systems

  • Joined system with steel heat-carrying pipes
  • Slide system with steel heat-carrying pipes
  • SteelFlex flexible steel heat-carrying pipes
  • PexFlex flexible heat-carrying pipes made of PEX (reticulated polyethylene)
  • CuFlex flexible copper heat-carrying pipes
  • AluFlex flexible aluminium and PEX heat-carrying pipes

Logstor Ror pre-insulated pipes are installed in accordance with standard procedures established in Logstor catalogue or respective installation manual. Both documents are available in TENZA.
Even though the installation is comparatively easy thanks to the high technical quality, it has to be performed by professionally trained workers. Neglect of some installation principles may cause considerable damage.

TENZA provides, besides pipe systems delivery, also professional assistance in preparing and carrying out construction work. The company gives training for project engineers and field engineers/assembly workers and possibly draws up project documentation. Pipes are professionally installed by the employees of TENZA. The company also measures insulating conditions and searches for defects in pre-insulated pipes.