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TENZA a.s. acts as the exclusive distributor for one of the leading fittings producers BROEN A/S for the Czech market. Out of Broen product range Tenza delivers especially standard ball valves BALLOMAX and static and dynamic regulation fittings BALLOREX.

BALLOMAX Ball Closing Valves
BALLOMAX valves are high quality maintenance-free fittings with closing ball made of stainless steel. They are used in liquid, gas and steam distribution units.
The valves comply with the most stringent technical requirements. They are manufactured in different diameters from DN10 to DN500 and basic end types: screwed end, weld end, flange end valves and various combinations of the above.
BALLOMAX drilling fittings make it possible to install pipe branches on the existing pipe systems which are in operation without discharging the medium.
BALLOMAX ball valves are intended for media having temperatures not exceeding 200°C (the 60, 61,64 types), for steam up to 200°C or possibly 300°C (the 55 type) and as full-flow ball valves (the 94 type). They are manufactured in pressure series PN 16, PN 25 and PN 40.

BALLOREX S Static Regulating Fittings
BALLOREX S fittings are ideal for static balancing of heating and cooling systems. Their sophisticated technical structure makes it possible to control the flow, open and close the valve, deaerate, and possibly fill and drain the system.
BALLOREX S valves are produced as screwed end (DN 10 – 50), flange end (DN 15 – 150) or weld end (DN 65 – 150) valves.
BALLOREX measuring sets are used for direct measuring of the flow rate and temperature of the medium flowing through the fitting.

BALLOREX QP / M / Q Dynamic Regulating Fittings
BALLOREX QP/M/Q fittings are intended for dynamic control of heating systems in buildings. They provide optimum operating conditions for thermostatic valves.